.CA Member Activities

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Discover how .CA Member activities offer you the opportunity to share, connect and learn with other thought leaders. Members lend their voices to Internet governance and shape the digital future of Canada and around the world.

.CA Member Activities

Member Events

Member Events

Member events are a great opportunity to learn more about .CA. Share your views about Internet issues in Canada and around the world. Meet Board members, staff,. CA Members, and other Internet enthusiasts in your community. Learn how we’re working to advance your Internet in Canada and how you can contribute. Member events are held in cities across Canada in a casual setting from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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Activities - Board of Directors Elections

Board of Directors Election

Held online annually, the process to electing CIRA’s Board of Directors begins in April with the formation of the Nomination Committee and ends in September with a vote by .CA Members. This is one way to have an impact on Canadians’ every-day lives! There are several ways to get involved:  become a Committee member, become a board member, or simply cast your vote to select the next leaders of Canada’s Internet.

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Activities - Canadians Connected: Symposium and Annual General Meeting

Canadians Connected: Learning. Influencing. Connecting

One of the most important Internet events of the year, Canadians Connected is hosted in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal and online by interactive webcast every September. In addition to an exciting lineup of industry-leading keynote speakers, CIRA presents its accomplishments from the past year, industry developments and statistics, future plans, audited financial statements and the auditor's report to its membership. .CA Members also have the opportunity to vote on the appointment of the organization's auditors, ask questions and network with other Internet stakeholders.

This year Canadians Connected will be held on September 16 in Vancouver. Pre-registration to attend opens in July/August 2015. Bookmark this page for future reference!