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Byron Holland's perspective on the Internet and domain space.

Byron Holland is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)

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A Second Year of Funding to Enhance Canadians’ Internet Experience

Project funding from .CA helps non-for-profit and community organizations, as well as research institutions innovate and complete projects that will measurably improve the Internet for Canadians.

A Case for Looking Before Leaping: The IANA Stewardship Proposal

January 22, 2015
In my comments on the draft Cross-Community Working Group (CWG) on Naming Related Functions proposal for the IANA transition, I expressed my overall support, albeit somewhat reserved, for the proposal.

Internet governance after Busan: playing the long game

As you might imagine, I’ve been following the ITU’s Plenipotentiary Conference very closely. It was built up to be the great showdown of our time – the pro-‘free and open’ Internet in one corner (comprised for the most part of developed and democratic nations); in the other corner a contingent of totalitarian regimes bent on a fractured, censored Internet – a near battle royale for control of one of the greatest communications tool the world has ever seen.

Stopping illegal activity online – it’s more complicated than it seems

October 30, 2014
There was a compelling article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) the other day about ICANN and illegal online pharmacies. The result of a six-month investigation, the reporter, Jeff Elder, calls into question ICANN’s effectiveness in investigating complaints of suspected illegal activity on domain names it has a contractual relationship with.