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CIRA proposes new bylaws for approval at AGM

The Government of Canada recently implemented new legislation governing federally-incorporated not-for-profit organizations, including the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). This legislation is called the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act. All federal Not- for-Profits must transition to the new Act. In order to transition to the new legislation, CIRA must take certain steps, which involve replacing our letters patent, bylaws and other corporate charter documents with ones that comply.

Earlier this spring, CIRA formally reached out to our .CA Members on proposed changes to our bylaws. The proposed changes included those we believe are essential to transition to the new legislation, as well as proposed additional changes to streamline our governance structure. We thank all Members who responded to our outreach in the spring. Members continue to play a key role in guiding the future of CIRA and .CA.

Based on the feedback received from .CA Members, CIRA has decided to proceed only with the changes we believe are essential to transition to the new legislation. The other, additional streamlining changes will not occur at this time. Read more about the results of the outreach to Members and the CIRA Board of Directors’ efforts to enhance the governance structure in this blog post by CIRA Chair Paul Andersen. 

Click on the links below to read more about our proposed changes, and to review the documents for approval at the AGM.

  • Read about CIRA’s Proposed Bylaw Changes
  • View the final proposed documents for approval at CIRA’s AGM, including our new bylaws, Articles of Continuance and the Members’ Resolution.
  • View a black-line showing the changes between the new bylaws, and the current bylaws.
  • Have questions? Visit our FAQ.

Don’t forget to attend the AGM in Ottawa on September 18, 2012, so you can vote on the new bylaws. Not in Ottawa? You can participate in the AGM via webcast and vote online. The AGM will provide you with a unique opportunity to listen to top-notch digital thinkers. Learn more about the event!