CIRA report: Grassroots organizations share gaps and solutions for Canada’s internet

June 13, 2018, OTTAWA - Today, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) released The gap between us: Perspectives on building a better online Canada, which captures the experiences, opinions and proposed solutions of 70 grassroots organizations across Canada working to make the internet better for Canadians. These organizations, working on the frontlines of Canada's internet, share a narrative of haves and have-nots, including Canadians who lack the ability to get online or the skills to do so safely and effectively, as well as the organizations who serve them. Gaps and solutions are highlighted in internet infrastructure, access, digital literacy and funding.

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CIRA staff will be attending ICANN62 - Policy Forum for 2018. This four-day meeting is focused on current policy development work, outreach, and daily opportunities to network with the community.