2007/11/20 Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the CIRA Board of Directors held via conference call on November 20, 2007 at 9:00 a.m. Ottawa time.

Directors attending: Paul Andersen, Richard Anderson, John Demco (ex-officio), Robert Ford, Bill Graham (ex-officio), Christopher Goodfellow, Ron Kawchuk, Lynne Mackan-Roy (Vice-Chair), Ross Rader, Bill Reid, Debi Rosati (Chair), Jeff Rybak

Guests: Heather Dryden (Industry Canada), Ron Harbottle (CIRA

Regrets: Annette CyrJacob Glick (Secretary), Bill Reid, Rick Sutcliffe

Recording Secretary: Lynn Gravel (CIRA)

1. Approval of Agenda

Be it resolved that the agenda be adopted as distributed.

(Moved: P. Anderson, seconded: L. Mackan-Roy)

2. Update on Search for New Chief Executive Officer

D. Rosati thanked the members of the Executive Committee for their diligence in the search for the President and CEO. D. Rosati presented the resumé of the final candidate, Byron Holland, and recommended that the Board proceed with his appointment as President and CEO.

R. Harbottle noted that although management would have liked more involvement in the selection process, staff was looking forward to B. Holland joining the organization.

R. Ford and R. Kawchuk joined the meeting.

It was resolved that the Board of Directors appoint Byron Holland as President and CEO of CIRA and empower the Executive Committee to negotiate on behalf of the Board of Directors the terms and conditions of the employment agreement.

 (Moved: R. Kawchuk, seconded: R. Rader, unanimously carried)

L. Mackan-Roy withdrew from the meeting.

3. Call for Nominations to ccNSO Council

R. Harbottle informed the Board of Directors that the ccNSO member from the North America region was stepping down in the next term therefore creating a vacancy.R. Harbottle felt that, in the absence of a President and CEO, a member of the Board should be appointed. After further discussion, it was the consensus of the Board of Directors that an internal candidate should be nominated to serve as member of the ccNSO Council and directed staff to report back on the outcome at the December meeting.

4. Other Business

There was no other business to discuss.

5. Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Board will be held on Friday, December 7, 2007 in Ottawa.

6. In Camera Session

The Board of Directors did not hold an in camera session.

7. Adjournment

There being no further business, on motion by R. Rader and seconded by R. Ford, the meeting was concluded at 9:45 a.m.