About CIRA

Building a better online Canada

CIRA is an organization best known for our role managing the .CA domain on behalf of all Canadians. While this remains our primary raison d’être, we have a much broader mandate to strengthen Canada’s Internet. Every day we work towards this goal through the development of products, programs and partnerships that improve the safety and security of our online ecosystem.

.CA remains ahead of much of the rest of the legacy domain market as one of the fastest growing ccTLDs. With a 4.3% growth rate in the past year, we have hit 2.5 million registered domain names. We were able to achieve this milestone and our status as one of the leading ccTLDs all thanks to the millions of people and businesses that trust .CA to brand themselves as Canadian online.

In recent years, CIRA has built on its expertise in registry services and DNS operations to strengthen our own infrastructure and develop new products that help strengthen the Internet in Canada and around the world. CIRA has used its extensive expertise in DNS operations to create D-Zone Anycast DNS, a Canada-first DNS infrastructure. First and foremost, D-Zone ensures the protection of the .CA DNS, but this best-of-breed technology is also provided to organizations worldwide to reduce DNS latency and protect against DDoS attacks.

We recently designed .CA 3.0, also known as Fury Registry Platform. This is our latest effort to ensure a strong, robust and more efficient platform for .CA. It has also given us the opportunity to expand our services and provide other TLDs a world-class registry platform.

We have also invested $3.2 million in the Community Investment Program; not to mention our significant involvement in the development of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and the implementation of the Internet Performance Test (IPT) to improve Canada’s Internet infrastructure.

Beyond our own borders, we actively participate in global discussions on Internet governance and work to guarantee Canadian interests are properly represented.

Our work in all these areas is driven by our .CA members and board of directors, which is comprised of 12 elected directors and three, non-voting board advisors.

The CIRA vision and mission

Our vision is to be a world-class Internet Registry that is recognized and valued by the Internet community and Canadians. To do so, we foster the development of .CA as a key public resource for all Canadians by providing stable, secure and trusted domain name services, and by taking a leadership role in shaping Canada’s Internet for the benefit of .CA domain holders.

Every step we have taken along the way has helped us work toward achieving this goal, and more.

We work at Internet speed

Our offices are filled with the innovation and excitement of a start-up venture as we develop state-of-the-art products and services for our customers. We believe our employees are at the very core of our success, and that is why we have been voted one of Canada's best small and medium-sized employers two years running. Discover more about what it’s like to work for a team that is making a real difference in the lives of Canadians.