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2019 Member Nominee

Candidate statement:

I am a Chartered Professional Accountant, a career financial and technology professional, and have dedicated my career to the financial services industry. I recognize the importance of the internet in our daily lives, and I am committed to making a positive contribution to CIRA if elected to the Board of Directors.

I hope to offer CIRA members the benefit of governance, finance, audit and technology experience earned over a 38-year career. My governance experience spans 3 decades, and includes service as director on one of Canada's larger credit unions, as well as on professional, health care and community boards. As a CPA, I hope to contribute useful insight in the areas of finance, audit, investment management and risk management.

I believe it is very important that we have a qualified, dedicated and professional governance process in place at CIRA. My goal is to complement the skills of fellow Directors and contribute to achieving the goals of the organization and to make a meaningful contribution to Canadian internet users.

Candidate resume:

Answers to mandatory questions:

1. Explain from your perspective what CIRA does and why it matters.

I understand the importance of maintaining and building out the infrastructure that supports Canadians’ online experience. I can also see that the use of the internet in our daily business and personal lives is ubiquitous, making safe access to the internet a growing necessity. CIRA plays an important role in this through public programs designed to provide education, and to provide other online security initiatives. Since the internet is global in scope, CIRA has a role to play internationally as well.

2. Why do you want to be on CIRA’s board of directors?

As an early adopter and attentive observer of internet technologies both personally and professionally, I have been fascinated by the social impact that internet-enabled platforms have had on the world.

I believe we have entered a period where internet regulation may profoundly impact the future use and benefits of internet technologies in Canada and elsewhere.

It is important that we protect our internet resource as we would any valuable national resource. I would like to make a positive contribution to this evolution of internet technologies in Canada.

Also, speaking from the heart, I can’t think of anything I would find more rewarding than having the opportunity to work with like-minded professionals to address the future of Canada's internet!

3. What specific skills and experience do you have that makes you a qualified candidate for CIRA’s board of directors?

I believe that my professional credentials and governance experience provides a good match to the competencies being sought by the CIRA Nominating Committee.

I have extensive governance experience spanning three decades, and received a director accreditation in 2017. My experience as director includes Audit and Risk Committee, Human Resources Committee and Investment and Lending Committee experience. I have also served on the board of a community investment foundation.

My professional credentials include an accounting designation and a business degree, and certification as an internal auditor. I have direct career experience in finance, accounting and audit (both internal and external). These are areas that CIRA has highlighted as important skills required at the board table.

My career includes extensive experience managing the technology function and technology projects, as well as negotiating major technology service agreements. I consider myself very conversant with technology, systems governance, procurement and risk management in a technology environment.

I particularly enjoyed my recent service on a community investment foundation with an endowment of nearly $10 million I found this to be a rewarding experience.

Most importantly, I appreciate the importance of board oversight, and I believe that I can make a substantial contribution to CIRA governance.

I believe that my unique skills and experience allows me to offer my service as a qualified and contributing member of the CIRA Board of Directors. I bring a high level of commitment to every challenge that I undertake, and will work hard to ensure that I can make the best possible contribution to CIRA.

4. What do you think are the top 3 challenges and opportunities facing CIRA in the next 3 to 5 years? What approach would you take to addressing these issues?

As an outsider to the organization, I would not presume to fully understand the key strategic issues facing CIRA at this time.

As a member of online Canada and user of the internet, however, I would think that the top 3 challenges (and opportunities) for CIRA are access, safety and cost in a low-growth, mature industry environment.

Access to the internet has improved so much over the years, but as with other infrastructure, has challenges that are the result of Canada’s huge geographic area, and low population density in many areas. Not only does this present barriers to universal access, but it has tremendous implications for the overall cost of providing internet access to all Canadians. CIRA can continue to support the need for both private and public funding of infrastructure to overcome these challenges.

As the reach and daily necessity of the internet increases, so too do the public risks. Education programs are an important weapon to improve public awareness of security risks and how to have a safe online experience.

The best approach to future challenges and opportunities is to keep your eye squarely on the horizon. As a Director, it is so important to try to identify and understand tomorrow’s challenges along with those of today. I believe that I can contribute to a forward-thinking Board that is ready for future challenges and opportunities.