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2019 Member Nominee

Candidate statement:

The internet is not a fad, it is expected to be with us for a long time. We must all do whatever we can to ensure it is nor abused.

Candidate resume:

Answers to mandatory questions:

1. Explain from your perspective what CIRA does and why it matters.

CIRA operates/regulates the registration of .ca domain names.

2. Why do you want to be on CIRA’s board of directors?

After understanding fully the function and goals of CIRA, I want to do my share to achieve those goals. A member who will not be hesitant to make suggestions.

3. What specific skills and experience do you have that makes you a qualified candidate for CIRA’s board of directors?

I have had many failures before I founded, operated and sold several businesses over the years. I have a reputation for putting together a team that gels, in order to get results. I have a facile manner of getting along with people. I listen patiently, at times even to the dull and boring.

My mediating and negotiating skills are well honed. I have been a senior leader in a corporate environment for the past 30 years. My innovative and organizational skills kept me in constant touch with the internet for the past 20 years.

4. What do you think are the top 3 challenges and opportunities facing CIRA in the next 3 to 5 years? What approach would you take to addressing these issues?

(1) Privacy - How the information of individuals and businesses can be used. There has to be clear guidelines. Maybe different levels of access for some users. The more access one has to what that company is offering, the more access to your personal info that company will be able to use.

(2) Security / Hacking - That will require educating users of the internet, both companies and individuals, of ways to protect what is put online and the methods use to do certain things online. Be of the belief that hackers are always lurking.

(3) Online Terrorism - Using the internet not for ransom but for malice. Rather than egging a window, hacking in and messing things up because of a dislike of a person or business.