The future of the Internet in Canada

The Internet is an integral part of Canadians’ lives. We use it to communicate, to publish, to research and to conduct business. Many do so without an awareness of what technology and trends are rapidly changing and the future impact on our daily lives.

This panel discussion will focus on the future of the Internet as it relates to the areas of Internet innovation, infrastructure, policy, and content delivery, availability and consumption. Find out what the future of the Internet holds and how it will affect Canadians. 


Jacques Latour, Chief Technology Officer, CIRA

Jacques Latour is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). As an expert in developing innovative, leading-edge IT solutions, Jacques has established CIRA as a global leader among country code top-level domain (ccTLD) registries. His 25+ years of experience in the private and not-for-profit sectors afford him a unique perspective, from research and development and software development to IT operations and business development.

Jacques is currently responsible for the mission-critical architecture of the .CA ccTLD. In this role, he provides leadership and direction for the management and security of the .CA registry and its underlying DNS, critical components of Canada’s national Internet infrastructure.

A visionary in the Internet community, Jacques is committed to the development of a new Canadian Internet architecture. Under his direction in 2012, CIRA spearheaded the development of a national, robust network of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) to diminish Canada’s unnecessary dependence on out-of-country infrastructure, enhance domestic Internet performance, and decrease costs. As a result, Canada’s IXP network has grown sevenfold. He has also served as the catalyst for the creation of a national Canadian IXP association, CA-IX, and is a member of the Manitoba Internet Exchange’s (MBIX) Board of Directors.


Andrew Clement, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

Andrew Clement is a Professor Emeritus in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto, where he coordinates the Information Policy Research Program and co-founded the Identity Privacy and Security Institute (IPSI).

Andrew has had long term research, teaching and advocacy interests in the uses, and abuses, of computing technology from public interest perspectives. In the 1970s he led the development of Vancouver’s instance of the Community Memory Project, Canada’s first on-line, public access information and communication service.

Much more recently Andrew co-edited Connecting Canadians: Investigations in Community Informatics (2010).  His current privacy/surveillance advocacy research projects include Snowden Surveillance Archive, a complete, indexed, searchable collection of all published documents that whistleblower Edward Snowden released to journalists and, an internet mapping tool that helps make more visible the routing of personal data across the internet and the surveillance and privacy risks that it is exposed along  the way, especially from state security agencies such as the NSA.


Claude Galipeau, Country Manager, Canada Yahoo

Claude has been an innovator and leader in the Canadian digital media industry. He is the former COO and Advisor, Syncapse, Inc. Previously, Claude was the SVP & GM, Digital Media, at Rogers Media; Vice President, Interactive Media, Astral Media Inc.; Senior Vice President, Digital Media, Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc.; Executive Director, Digital Programming and Business Development, at the CBC; Vice-President, Broadcasting, Alliance Atlantis Communications; and Vice President, Corporate Development and New Media, Salter Street Films.

Claude is a Board member of IAB Canada, and the Banff Television Festival Foundation; and a member of the Board of Governors of OCAD University.

Claude has held senior policy advisor roles in the Ontario Government’s Cabinet and Premier’s Offices, as well as the Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs. He has been a senior advisor and lobbyist for the World Association of Newspapers, which is dedicated to economic freedom of the press, and based in Paris. Claude began his working career as Associate Professor at the Tefler School of Management, University of Ottawa. He holds a PhD from the University of Toronto, and is the author of Isaiah Berlin’s Liberalism (Oxford, 1994), as well as numerous articles on political theory and Canadian politics and public policy.

Claude is bilingual (French/English), and lives in Toronto with his lovely wife and adorable daughter.


Jane Tallim, Co-Executive Director, MediaSmarts

Jane Tallim is Co-Executive Director of MediaSmarts (previously Media Awareness Network) Canada’s centre for digital and media literacy. A former secondary teacher and internationally recognized expert in issues relating to media and youth, Jane has been involved since 2000 in MediaSmarts’ ongoing research on young people’s use of and attitudes towards new media -- Young Canadians in a Wired World -- and has developed award-winning resources to help young people develop digital literacy skills and competencies.

Jane is passionate about ensuring that today’s youth are able to live, learn and thrive as citizens and workers in a digital world. A strong advocate for child and youth mental health, Jane has mentored a youth-based network for de-stigmatizing mental illness and has chaired the board of directors for an Ottawa-based eating disorder support centre. Jane also sits on the National Advisory Committee for the Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence and the ICTC National Leadership Task Force on Education and Skills.