Advancing the Internet in Canada

  • 2.3 million .CA domains under management

  • 14,242 active .CA Members

  • $1.2 million .CA Community Investment Program

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.


In  500 B.C., Greek Philosopher Heraclitus argued the only thing that is constant is change. Even as we fail to observe change, misguidedly believing something is stagnant, it is ever transforming. The Internet is an integral part of Canadians’ lives. We use it to communicate, to publish, to research and to conduct business. Many do so without an awareness of what is rapidly shifting beneath the waterline. As the steward of the .CA domain, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, powered by over 14,000 Members, navigates these waters on behalf of all Canadians.

87% of Canadian Internet users see the .CA domain as an important resource for Canadians

Competing in a mature market

As Canada’s country-code top-level domain (ccTLD), .CA has experienced exponential growth under CIRA’s stewardship.  With over 2.3 million domains under management at the close of fiscal year 2015, .CA holds 32 per cent of the Canadian domain market share. Across the world, growth rates of ccTLDs have started to decline as the market matures. .CA is no exception, but we have managed to both outpace the global domain market and retain a competitive position within Canada. Additionally, our survey data show Canadians continue to trust .CA and demonstrate a preference for the .CA domain.

Domains under management by CIRA

.CA growth rate

.CA growth rate has decreased to 6% in FY 2015

An evolving business model for Canada’s ccTLD

Over the course of our fiscal year 2014 – 2016 strategic plan, CIRA has embraced a goal to make DNS and Registry investments that support CIRA’s core business. These investments, combined with increased organizational capabilities, have helped CIRA expand product offerings and create new sustainable sources of revenue. This objective is aligned with CIRA’s overall mandate to support the positive development of the Internet in Canada.

  1. Internet related activities in Canada

  2. Market and customer

  3. Operational efficiency

  4. Safe, Secure, and Stable

source: CIRA Corporate Plan Fiscal 2015

Even as the market is maturing, CIRA has worked to maintain the confidence of its stakeholder community. In our annual tracking research of the Canadian Internet community continues to rate their satisfaction with CIRA.

  • 79% Registrant satisfaction over 5 years

  • 95% Registrar satisfaction over 5 years