Application Process


Before becoming a .CA Registrar, you would need to confirm that you meet .CA’s certification requirements. These requirements help maintain the integrity, and are a key feature, of the .CA domain.

  • Confirm that you meet CIRA’s Canadian Presence Requirements for Registrars.
  • Confirm that you are able to pay all of the required fees.
  • Read and understand the .CA registration rules and the name system.
  • Respect and follow all CIRA policies, rules and procedures related to the registration and management of .CA domain names.
  • Read and sign the CIRA Registrar Agreement.

Complete the Application

The Registrar application is available online via web form.

Please ensure that you have completed the package in full. Once complete, return the package to CIRA, along with the required fees:

  • $1,000 application fee plus applicable taxes.
  • $1,000 annual certification fee plus applicable taxes (refundable if you are not certified).
  • $1,000 account deposit (refundable if you are not certified).


Once we receive your completed application, you will be contacted to arrange a telephone interview. At the interview, the details of your application will be reviewed. We will also ask questions regarding your operation`s technical and client-service capacity.


Following the interview, CIRA will assess your application. All CIRA-certified Registrars must pass an accreditation exam in order to register and manage .CA domain names. If a Registrar wants to integrate their registration system with CIRA`s EPP-based registry system, they must also pass a technical accreditation exam.

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