Internet Performance Test - Feature Roadmap

The CIRA Internet Performance Test is an evolving, growing test.  This is our third release and in conjunction with feedback and requests from researchers and users of the test, we are planning multiple future phases that may include the following possible new features:

CIRA Internet Performance Test

Visual Traceroute

Traceroute can be used to determine the specific network route taken from your workstation to reach a specific remote host.  Traceroute is an Internet mapping tool that allows you to track your personal data as it travels across the Internet. Every time you go online, your computer exchanges "packets" of information with the destination website, email server, etc.

Future versions of the Internet Performance Test will overlay the route of your data onto a map to clearly show the path that was taken.  Knowing the path is important.  Keeping your data in Canada is a priority.

Mobile and more browser support

Add in capability to test your mobile network speed, so you can test from anywhere, any time. This is anticipated to be developed as the web socket layer of the M-Lab NDT test finishes its beta stage. 


Run the test on your own website!  The more exposure the performance test has, the more data will be collected and the more information we will have on Canada’s Internet.  In addition, hosting it on your site will encourage repeat visitors coming back to see you.

Data accessible for reporting

From its initial release, the IPT will be collecting data from all the tests and storing it in M-Lab databases.  With a future release,  we will make it accessible, so anyone with interest in analyzing the data for their specific purpose will be able to download and create reports using the data and in a format suitable for researchers in economics, social science and computer networking.


Email us and tell us what you’d like to see in future versions of the Internet Performance Test!