State of the Internet - Secure

As the Internet continues to grow and evolve, so do threats that aim to undermine it. Securing the DNS for all Canadians is a critical function of CIRA, and enhanced DNS security should be top of mind for any IT professional.


  • DNSSEC and .CA - Learn about how .CA is helping protect Canadian domain DNS security extensions for .CA.
  • DNSSEC FAQ - Head to our DNSSEC support page for all questions related to what DNSSEC is, how it works, and why it is crucial to the ongoing success of the DNS.

External helpful links:

D-Zone Anycast DNS

  • D-Zone Product Page - Information resource about a .CA service that adds performance, resilience and DDoS mitigation to your DNS.
  • DNS Resources - information to help you manage and secure your DNS.
  • Anatomy of a DDoS attack against the DNS - Learn about how a DDos works and how D-Zone Anycast DNS helps mitigate the problem.

External helpful links: