Start something new in 2017

Creating your own website and sharing your new year's resolution journey online can have serious benefits.

It’s the beginning of a new year – and the time when many of us start thinking of ways that we can become a better self with our new year’s resolutions.

Whether your resolutions involve learning a new skill, renovating your house, or starting a side hustle to supplement your income, creating your own website and sharing your journey online can have serious benefits.

Why get a website to accompany your new year’s resolution?

Share your ideas with your network

Sharing your website with friends and family can help you get the support from your network that’s crucial in motivating you to achieve your goal. It also allows you to share your progress and challenges with those who you may not be able to share with in person.

If your project involves something very niche, having your website will help you get in touch with others who have similar tastes and interests. Building a community online, you can exchange knowledge and ideas and grow your network with people from all over the world engaging in a similar initiative.

Bring your ideas to life

A common problem with resolutions is that people start the year off strong and highly motivated, but this momentum doesn’t last. As we get busy, our priorities shift and our goals become harder to attain.  The keyword that comes to mind here is: accountability. By chronicling the progress of your resolutions and goals with your website, you’ll have some accountability to follow through to completion.

Creating your own website also makes your project official and professional. If your resolution is to start freelancing on the side, word of mouth is a powerful tool to get more business. But with a website, you can describe the services you offer, show testimonials, and even create your own email address to throw on your business card. Having your own .CA domain gives you a professional edge and will help you gain credibility.

Show off your creativity

Having your own website gives you the flexibility to display photos, write posts, and even sell items the way you want to. When social media can be a limiting platform in terms of the way you want to display this content, a website offers you the flexibility you need. Social platforms are designed to make money, but your website can be customized to work for you and your goals.

Whether your 2017 project is currently a rough idea or has a full-fledged plan, take the leap and share your story online with a .CA domain for a personal website.

You are about to start something great – share it with the world. Search for your .CA domain name and find a home online for your new project today.

Secure this .CA domain name by registering it through one of the certified providers below.


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