Top TBR picks: Canadian websites that could have been

Our best guesses for what these domain names could have been intended for: this week including a site that reviews coffee that's best to enjoy at the cottage.

Domains expire for many reasons—some are simply businesses that have closed, events that have passed, or ideas that never took off.

The following is a shortlist of .CA domains that are being let go by their previous owners in July 11th's To-Be-Released session. Now is your chance to bring new life to these domains and here we’ve got some website ideas started for you.

This week, once again, I've enlisted the help of Mike Leblanc, our SysAdmin at CIRA who moonlights as a stand-up comedian. This way you can get a reference to Mean Girls and to Led Zeppelin all in one post.

Not the superhero Canada deserves but definitely the superhero we need.

man wearing Canadian tuxedo tapping maple syrup

He could take Captain America any day.

The internet's premium GIF collection of puppers that will instantly make anyone's day better.

You can register this domain if you're still trying to make fetch happen.

A Canadian version of polo.

For all your vampire hunting supply needs, come to Stake House, open from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

A site that reviews and rates different coffees to find the best one for sipping on the dock while watching the sunrise.

woman drinking coffee on a dock

Cottage coffee is the best kind of coffee.

An app that helps you decide between having a relaxing night or a very relaxing night.

8-bit techno Led Zeppelin cover band.

Canadian branch of the True Crime Aficionados and Murderinos fan club.

Need to build a website? Car tuned up? Everyone knows a Mike who can help you get the job done and this website puts you in touch with one.

Not inspired by anything above? Search for your own domain!

If you have any great blog or website ideas, you can see if the domain name you want is available using our handy tool below.

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