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To Be Released (or TBR) domains are a great way to bring new life to old domain names. The list, published every week, is usually in the thousands. That's thousands of domains that represent ideas or businesses that have reached their end or that never came to be in the first place.

We've recently been sharing some of the best domains from the TBR list on social media. Valuable domains are usually shorter (and easier to remember for website visitors) or contain certain keywords.

Occasionally, we like to pick through the list and think about what type of business or idea these abandoned domains could have been. Here are a few examples from the January 10, 2018 TBR list:

A photo gallery of people playing board games from the warmth of their own home, because that's all anyone is willing to do during NYE in Ottawa.

A travel blog chronicling an independent turtle's adventures around the world.

A grammar tutoring service.

A Tobias Fünke fan site.

A website dedicated to complaints about the noise made from snowplows driving by that wakes you up from a peaceful sleep in the middle of the night.


Oh did you just fall asleep? What a perfect time for me to finally plow your street. BOOM!

A blog written by an IT professional venting about things like when people forget their passwords over the holidays.

A one-page website with a simple one-question poll: “Do they go on pizza?”.

A service that connects your lawn via Wi-Fi to your smartphone so you know exactly when to forget to water it.

A service that builds tiny homes for gnomes— is already registered!

A barbershop for hipster dragons.

A website for Grant… He's the man!

Other interesting names making the TBR list this week:,,,,,,,, and

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