Video: 3 simple steps to register a domain name and bring your idea to life online

Our short video goes over the process of registering a domain name in three easy steps.

We understand that registering a domain name for the first time can seem like a technologically intimidating and confusing process. It’s a whole new realm of the Internet to learn about and master.

Registering a .CA domain name allows you to bring your ideas to life online, while branding your website as authentically Canadian.

Have a great idea you want to put online?

This short video goes over the process of registering a domain name in three easy steps.

3  steps to registering a domain name

The video goes over the following three steps:

  1. Find your domain name: Search to see what domain names are available to register.
  2. Choose a Registrar: Choose a business to register the domain name with and see what other services they offer.
  3. Register your domain name: Close off the process and register the domain name with the Registrar of your choice!

Want more detailed information about registering a domain name?

If you’re interesting in learning more, our free e-book is a great resource for Canadians to learn more about domain names. It gives a detailed overview of the three steps and much more – everything to what a domain name is to why .CA is a great choice -  so you can feel comfortable and informed when registering your first domain name.

Free e-book: The ultimate guide to choosing a domain name

Download the e-book now!

If you’re ready to get started you can search for an available domain name below:

Secure this .CA domain name by registering it through one of the certified providers below.


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