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CIRA proudly operates the .CA domain name registry on behalf of all Canadians. As you may have noticed, we have a handy search tool on our website where you can find an available .CA domain name to register and call your own. But if you're new to registering domains, what you may not realize is that CIRA does not actually sell domain names directly!

The search tool on our website helps Canadians find an available domain name to register and then points to a list of our trusted .CA Certified Registrars to complete the transaction. A Registrar is the organization or business that you can actually buy a domain name from, and if applicable, services like web hosting, email and more.

Let's say you have an available .CA domain name that you'd like to register –  how do you go about evaluating which is the best Registrar for you? The truth is, there isn't one top Registrar – it depends on your personal preferences and what you'd like to do with your domain name. Some people prefer to go with a company that's been around for a long time, some like dealing with a Canadian business, or sometimes the price of the domain and accompanying services is the ultimate deciding factor.

Watch our video to learn some of our tips on choosing a Registrar!

Find a .CA domain name and Registrar today: