Guest Post: The .CA Impact Awards

CIRA's Director, Marketing & Communications, David Fowler discusses the 2012 .CA Impact Awards and introduces the 4 winners.

In this post CIRA’s Director, Marketing & Communications, David Fowler discusses the 2012 .CA Impact Awards and introduces us to the four winners. A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of announcing the winners of the .CA Impact Awards at the mesh conference in Toronto. The .CA Impact Awards recognizes youth, educators, not-for-profit and public organizations, small businesses and web developers and designers for their innovation and the impact of their .CA websites and applications. In short, the .CA Impact Awards celebrates Canadian organizations that use the Internet and .CA to achieve their goals. The Impact Awards are a part of CIRA’s Community Investment Program. While our key function is to run the .CA registry and underlying DNS infrastructure, CIRA also supports the development of the Internet ecosystem both domestically and internationally. The Impact Awards help us to achieve this. The four 2012 .CA Impact Awards winners represent the very pinnacle of Canadian ingenuity and creativity. This year, the winners include an initiative whose goal is to help Canadians experience the joys of eating together, an animation school, an innovative furniture seller that incorporated a charity into their daily work, and the developers of a mobile application that helps visually impaired people navigate their city. Please, meet the four .CA Impact Award winners in the following videos. 

Jeffrey Blum, In Situ Audio Services (ISAS). ISAS was the winner of the 2012 .CA Impact Award for Applications. ISAS also won the mesh Peoples’ Choice Award. Here is an interview with Jeffrey Blum from ISAS. We have Sydney Massey, Director of Nutrition Education at BC Dairy, from Better Together BC. Better Together BC was the winner of the 2012 .CA Impact Award for Public Sector and Not-for-Profit. Here is a video, An interview with Sydney Massey from Better Together BC. Joanna Kakkavas, CEO and President of Condobox was the winner of the 2012 .CA Impact Award for Small Business, here is an interview with Joanna Kakkavas from Condobox. Mario Pochat, Director, Vancouver Animation School. The Vancouver Animation School was the winner of the 2012 .CA Impact Award for eLearning. Here is a video, An interview with Mario Pochat from the Vancouver Animation School

Please, stay tuned. We’re going to be launching the 2013 .CA Impact Awards later this year. I hope you will enter your .CA website!

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