My update at the Canadian Internet Forum

An update on outcomes from CIRA's 2013 Canadian Internet Forum.

Last Thursday, we hosted the 2013 Canadian Internet Forum (CIF) event in Ottawa.

The CIF is now in its third year, and I’m pleased with how quickly it is becoming one of the key Internet-related events in Canada. This year, nearly 400 people participated in the one-day event, either in-person or via webcast. We created the CIF in 2009 in an effort to include Internet users in the discussion about how the Internet should develop. After all, the Internet has become such an important part of Canadians’ lives. To this end, we launched an online forum for Canadians to discuss Internet issues that are important to them. Our new forum is integrated with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook – you can seamlessly comment on the forum using your social media identity, and share your activity on those networks as well. This forum will be open year-round, and we will regularly report on the discussions, and present the findings to the United Nations-coordinated Internet Governance Forum this fall. You can get involved in the discussions at While we are working on posting video of the entire day’s proceedings, my update on Internet governance is available on our YouTube channel. In this presentation, I outlined the reasons why I believe it is so important for all Canadians to get involved in Internet governance. I believe we are at the beginnings of a fundamental shift in the way the Internet is governed, and I hope you will join us in preserving the Internet as the free and open entity we can all benefit from. Please watch the video, and get involved by visiting our new online forum.  

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