2016 CIRA Internet Factbook - Highlights Presentation

Watch our 30-minute webinar covering highlights from the most recent CIRA Internet Factbook.

The CIRA Internet Factbook is our home for research and analysis on the Canadian Internet. It is a series of publications that are authored using a combination of primary data collection, public surveys, and 3rd party publications. The sixth annual CIRA Factbook tracks global and domestic trends in Internet growth and use. Within these pages, you can discover how Canadians use the Internet, where .CA ranks in the rapidly-changing domain market, and information about the ever-changing world of digital security.

On January 19th, 2017 we gave a 30-minute webinar covering highlights from the most recent publication. In addition to reporting on the current data the webinar went a little further to make comparisons to other years and to dig a little deeper into some of the rising security threats for Canadians and Canadian organizations.


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