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We are a member-based organization and as a CIRA member, you’re part of a 15,000 person community interested in helping us build a better online Canada.

It’s governance season at CIRA and during this time, our members have an important role – showing support for candidates and voting to elect CIRA’s board of directors. As a voting CIRA member, what should you be looking for in candidates?

We’ve made it a litter easier. When casting your ballot, consider the following.

1.    Does this candidate represent the diversity CIRA needs on the board? 

CIRA manages .CA on behalf of all Canadians so our board should reflect the diversity of our country. In order to build a better online Canada, it’s important that our board is balanced with gender and regional diversity and traditionally under-represented communities. 

Each year the CIRA’s governance committee submits a Board Competencies and Diversity Report that outlines the skills and experience the nomination committee should look for when reviewing applications and who members should consider when voting.
This year, there is a need for board members with backgrounds in finance, experience with community investment programs and law related to CIRA's business, such as contract, internet, IT, privacy, trademark, patent, etc. 

2.    How will this candidate contribute to building a better online Canada? 

CIRA’s mission is to build a better online Canada, for all Canadians. Our goal is to give back to the community in a measurable way by supporting and investing in initiatives that make Canada’s internet stronger, safer and more accessible for all Canadians.
We’ve been supporting the development of local Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) across Canada. We engage with stakeholders from around the world to develop policy standards and operational solutions related to the cross-border nature of the internet. We also have our granting Community Investment Program, which funds Canadian projects doing good through the internet. 
We’re looking for people who share this vision and can bring their expertise to drive innovative ways CIRA can improve Canada’s internet.  

3.    Who’s the best candidate to represent CIRA? 

The role of CIRA directors is to represent the corporation. They have an important role of providing strategic direction and oversight to help guide CIRA as it fulfills its mandate to manage the .CA domain as a key public resource for the benefit of all Canadians. 

Your role as a member

Get involved! If you’re inspired to be part of the board, you can apply for the Member slate July 31 to August 14. As a member, you can show support to member nominees starting August 28, in order to get them on to the final ballot. Then, vote! The voting for the final candidates in the nomination committee and member committee slates starts at CIRA’s annual general meeting on September 25. What’s the difference in the two slates? Learn more about how the election works here

At every stage of the election, the CIRA team will reach out to members by email so that you can take full advantage of your membership and get involved our governance process. In addition to emails from CIRA, if you’re a member, candidates may also reach out to you directly to ask you for your support.

Not a CIRA member? 

If you are a .CA holder, you can become a CIRA member. As a member, you get the opportunity to be involved in our governance processes by voting in the board of directors election and annual general meeting. You also get to attend local events for networking, business development and knowledge sharing and stay up-to-date on CIRA’s latest initiatives, industry trends and issues that affect Canadians every day.