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Internet governance – two perspectives from the CIRA team

CIRA has a long history of engagement in the global Internet Governance community and we thought it would be interesting to sit down for a chat with Erin to get the reaction of a IGF-newbie and how it compares to Allan MacGillivray’s experience, who has been attending the IGF since 2012.

Be a part of the CIRA community: Membership benefits

Your .CA domain name is your brand in the Internet's digital village. It also makes you part of Canada’s Internet community of people who, like you, have an interest in making the internet work for them. CIRA is a Member-based, not-for-profit organization that is best known for managing the world-class .CA domain name Registry and developing new products and programs that help build a better online Canada.

Every .CA helps fund projects that build a better online Canada

There are a great number of people out there, around the world and within Canada, working to improve the Internet and allow more Canadians to benefit form it, and with CIRA’s Community Investment Program (CIP), you can help build a better online Canada by doing something as simple as registering a .CA domain name.

Start something new in 2017

Creating your own website and sharing your new year's resolution journey online can have serious benefits.

Hands-on learning prepares students for the Information Age

New products like STEM toys and maker-based programs and projects are a great way to get kids involved in the STEM fields early on by allowing them to explore new concepts hands-on, building on skills such as creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving.