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A Case for Looking Before Leaping: The IANA Stewardship Proposal

I'd like to shed some light on what I believe the role and reasoning for some of the mechanisms identified by the CWG, specifically the Contract Co., to be. While I tend toward supporting the mechanisms proposed by the CWG to assume the stewardship role historically played by the National Telecommunication and Information Administration (NTIA), it's becoming clear that others do not.

I can see the Root Zone from my house

When I searched for Canadian articles about IANA, all that was returned was ‘tumbleweeds and crickets’, so to speak. Apparently the survival of the free and open Internet is not an issue for Canadians.

The 2014 Internet Governance Forum

I’m at the Internet Governance Forum in Bali this week. With the recent revelations that the NSA are monitoring global Internet traffic and the subsequent fall out in both the Internet governance and the diplomatic worlds, this is the place to be. 

The Montevideo Statement

A number of leading organizations responsible for the coordination of the Internet's technical infrastructure recently met in Montevideo, Uruguay.