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Worlds colliding

Is it possible that the Brazilian proposal at the WTPF was retaliation against the U.S. for it not supporting its gTLD proposals at the GAC? I believe it is. What we are witnessing, in my opinion, is the gTLD debate boiling over into the ITU.

Why are Canadians complacent about government surveillance online?

If most of us aren't expecting privacy on the Internet, it would follow that we would be ambivalent about government’s watching us there. And, nearly 60 per cent of Canadians agree that they would be willing to give up their privacy on the Internet if it ‘would help the government foil terrorist plots’ – when it comes to national security, we're much more forgiving.

NSA Internet surveillance: where is the outrage?

Why should a government feel it is above judicial oversight to monitor its citizens’ activities, just because they're online? Because apparently, we're fine with it. Not only should we care, in my opinion we should be outraged.