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Guest post: The Flame Virus

Jacques Latour, CIRA's Director of Information Technology discusses the Flame Virus and what Canadians can do to protect themselves. 

Internationalized Domain Names and .CA

This week, CIRA released key ingredients of how we plan to implement French language characters, or Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). in .CA domain names. 

Internet security in Canada

This week, the Internet security firm Websense released a report on cyber-crime in Canada. This report refers to websites hosted in Canada, not to .CA per se.

Broadband speed and price: Where does Canada rank?

In 2011, Canada broke the top 20 and moved up four places from 23rd to 19th with regard to broadband speed and cost,  Canada made an eleven percent gain in ranking based on a 20 percent decrease in price and more than 100 per cent increase in speed. 

Guest post by John Demco: 25 years of .CA

In this post John Demco, a CIRA Board of Directors member and known to many as Canada's 'godfather' of the Internet, discusses the first 25 years of .CA. It has been 25 years since Jon Postel, operator of Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), delegated the .CA domain extension to my responsibility.

Guest Post: The .CA Impact Awards

In this post CIRA's Director, Marketing & Communications, David Fowler discuesses the 2012 .CA Impact Awards and introduces us to the four winners. The .CA Impact Awards celebrates Canadian organizations that use the Internet and .CA to achieve their goals. 

Internet Exchange Points in Canada: a roadmap

At CIRA, we believe that a robust network of IXPs in Canada would result in a number of key benefits, from cost savings to increased speed, and increased bandwidth, reduced latency, and enabling Canadian data to remain in Canada (and therefore not subject to the laws of a foreign jurisdiction). For the past year, CIRA has been working with a number of community-based organizations to develop IXps in cities across Canada. We set up a wiki to facilitate a national dialogue on IXPs.