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Some thoughts on ICANN's next CEO

Rod Beckstrom has announced (via Twitter) that he’s leaving ICANN as of July 2012. In my opinion, the next CEO will have to not only defend the multi-stakeholder model of governance, but will have to become its ambassador and advocate as well. 

CIRA Board of Directors election update

We recently entered the Member Nomination phase of the CIRA Board of Directors election.  For more information, you can visit the CIRA elections website. 

Larry Strickling's keynote at the U.S. Internet Governance Forum

Larry Strickling, the administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and assistant secretary for communications and information at the U.S. Department of Commerce, delivered the keynote at the U.S. Internet Governance Forum last week in Washington. Strickling and I are of the same mind. The success of the Internet (and it is a success by any measure) is a direct result of the way in which it is governed – the multistakeholder approach.

Rational Rules Beget Rational Behaviour

If you follow the Internet governance world like I do, you’ve no doubt had time to ponder the news of former ICANN Board Chair Peter Dengate Thrush’s appointment  as Executive Chairman of Top Level Domain Holdings Limited (TLDH). This was a seemingly fast jump from the body that coordinates the Internet (whose most recent milestone was to approve the creation of new gTLDs to one of the key companies that stands to actively benefit from this burgeoning part of the domain name industry).

CRTC Hearings on Internet Billing

The CRTC began hearings into how smaller Internet service providers (ISPs) should be charge by large telecommunications companies for access to their networks. 

.CA leads the pack in growth

At CIRA we pour over metrics to know how we are performing as an organization and whether we are successful in the ways that we promote awareness and education about .CA. We have been pleased to see evidence that we are moving this needle each and every year.

ICANN, International Development, and Venture Capital

Last week in Singapore a new era for the Internet was ushered in with the approval of the introduction of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs),  something that was six years in the making – six long, tough, twisting years.