Internet Performance Report


The Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s (CIRA) first report based on findings of the CIRA Internet Performance Test focused largely on geographic disparity, be it the speed differences between provinces, cities, urban and rural Internet subscribers, or even within city limits. This is all fascinating data, and it’s critical to identify and understand these differences in order for all key stakeholders to further enhance Canada’s Internet access and quality for residents in all parts of the country.

But these previously-reported average speeds are just that: averages. Internet performance, including speed, is affected by countless factors such as time of day and usage on the network, as well as usage within a user’s own home. Building a strong Canadian Internet landscape isn’t just about ensuring access in every region, but also maintaining a certain quality required for online work and play throughout the day.

Beyond speed and quality, the future-readiness of Canada’s Internet is also critical to ensure we can compete in an increasingly online economy, which is one key reason we measure adoption levels of DNSSEC and IPv6.

For more information or to have a custom version of the test for your region, please contact CIRA at or 1-877-860-1411.

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