.CA Certified Registrars

.CA is Good for business

Learn why .CA is an important domain for all Canadians and an opportunity for all Registrars. 

Interested in becoming a Registrar?

  • Re-Certify

    Need to recertify?

    CIRA requires Registrars to recertify on an annual basis. The Recertification Application process begins with CIRA sending a message to Registrars 60 days before the anniversary date. Get more details about this process on our recertification information page.

  • Policies

    Being a .CA Certified Registrar includes following a few policies to help ensure high quality services for all Canadians. Learn more about these guidelines in our policy library.

    In addition to a customer-facing .CA Marketplace, CIRA maintains a full list of certified registrars.

  • Benefits


    The .CA domain name is a trusted Canadian brand that attracts new customers and helps our valued channel partners to retain them. Learn more about the programs available to certified CIRA Registrars, such as in cooperative marketing programs, access to enterprise-level support, and training on related services like DNSSEC, Registry Lock, and D-Zone. 

  • Application Process

    Application process

    Becoming a .CA Registrar is simple. First, all .CA Registrars are required to have a Canadian presence, it is part of what makes .CA valuable to buyers. Second, read and understand the basic policies for serving the Canadian market.  Third, complete the Expression of Interest form. See more information about the .CA Certified Registrar application process.