Get your personal domain name

What is a personal domain name?

A personal domain name can contain any variation of your first and last name followed by a .CA. Individual registration for the .CA domain is restricted to Canadians or permanent residents.

What can you do with your personal domain name?

With a personal domain name, you can establish and manage your online identity with your own piece of Internet real estate. What shows up when you search your name online? Securing your own domain name and creating a website can help you get discovered in searches and share your unique story with the world. 

Investing some time into establishing your online presence can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.


Whether you're just starting out or are an established industry veteran, registering your own domain name can help give you a professional edge and grow your network. For students or young professionals entering the workforce, publishing your own creative website will help you stand out to potential employers. Add your website URL to the contact information on your resume to impress recruiters.


Public figures can secure their domain name and share their ideas, platform, and updates on community engagements. They can further protect their brand by registering a portfolio of domain names, including mispellings or variations of their name.


Be a champion of your online brand: share your experiences with your fans and show off your Canadian pride with a .CA.

Social media is great. It’s easy to use and digest, but it can be difficult to get the whole picture across. Experiences, accomplishments, setbacks, etc., aren’t always easily summed up in 140 characters!

Dustin Cook, Canadian alpine ski racer;


One of the biggest challenges that freelancers face when starting out is that they lack credibility. Show your clients that you mean business. Describe your services, share client testimonials, and get your own professional .CA email address to grow your client base.


An online portfolio or gallery is a great way to exhibit your hard work! Murals By Marg uses her .CA to feature her extensive portfolio of original, hand painted murals and artwork.


Do you have a hobby that you're truly passionate about? Use a personal domain as a blog to share your passion with others. Whether you're into hiking, yoga, cooking, knitting, birdwatching, DIY projects or traveling – you name it, and someone out there will be interested in what you have to say.

Get started today!

  1. Search for your .CA domain name:

    See if your name is available. If you have a common name and therefore your desired domain name is already taken, try a combination of your first and last names, or adding in a word you'd like people to associate with your website. Keep in mind, the shorter the better. Further protect your personal brand by registering common misspellings as well and forward those to domains to your website.

  2. Register your .CA domain name:

    Choose a trusted .CA certified Registrar that meets your needs to complete the transaction. Registrars offer varying services, so if you're looking for something like a custom website builder, be sure to do your research and shop around.

  3. Make the most of your .CA domain name:

    Create your own website, make sure it is mobile-friendly and optimized for search engines to ensure your site is a top result when searching your name. Get creative and share your story with the world: show off your own unique skills, places you've been, and your goals. With your domain name you can also set up your own custom email address. If you're short for time, forward your domain name to a social media profile, a process that only takes a few minutes.