Big Mall Canada rebrands Canadian with a .CA

Online Shopping Mall - .CA Domain Success Story is an online mall aimed at Canadians offering thousands of products, savings and exclusive deals. Over the years, as the site grew, Heather and her colleagues branched into additional ecommerce sites including, and, all initially under the .COM banner.

While the portfolio of sites became a remarkable Canadian ecommerce success story, Heather and her team noticed a growing disconnect between their Canadian identity and their .COM domain extension.

“We began to understand that .CA’s meant ‘Canada’ to most Canadians,” Heather says. “Since our physical address – and our target audience – was Canadian we really felt our domain address for these sites should also be Canadian, a .CA.”

So, Heather and her colleagues committed to making .CA the primary extension of all the sites in their portfolio, nearly 100 in total.

“It was like starting over,” Heather says, “and although the fresh start in SEO, consumer confusion and rebuilding of the websites was difficult we’re proud of our new names.”

Asked if all the work was worth it, Heather proudly affirms her commitment to a .CA domain extension for her online businesses, “a .COM is for brand protection, but .CA is who we are – proudly Canadian.”

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