Once a home-based startup, JUST-EAT.ca has become an international force in takeout

JUST EAT t-shirt and a delivery bag

JUST EAT wants to take the convenience of ordering takeout to the next level. With a mandate to make the process easier and better, JUST EAT is enabling its customers to access their favourite foods, at any time and from anywhere.

“JUST EAT has made paper menus and awkward phone orders a thing of the past,” says JUST EAT executive, Ross Hunter. “Takeout-loving customers can now search and order from loads of local restaurants with the JUST EAT app (or online at JUST-EAT.ca) and pay by card or cash on delivery.”

The JUST EAT story and expansion into Canada

JUST EAT first launched in Denmark in 2001 as a home-based startup. It didn’t take long for the startup to gain international notoriety. Today JUST EAT operates in the UK, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Australia, and a handful of other nations across the world.

 “With huge opportunities for growth, we’re on a long-term mission to make ordering takeout as easy as pie, so our story’s only really just begun,” says Hunter.

Since launching in Canada in 2009, the company has built an empire to include more than 100 employees and half a million customers, with no signs of slowing down.

“We’re motivated to help the restaurant owners of local Canadian businesses thrive and prosper,” says Hunter. “The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive and challenging marketplaces in Canada, JUST EAT is an important partner when it comes to customer and revenue growth.”

Its approach to the Canadian market has been forward-thinking. Along the way, JUST EAT has embraced technology and taken the time to really understand the user experience.

“We love Canada; takeout here has seen incredible growth over the last few years as consumers leave the phone behind for a desktop and now app takeout ordering experiences,” says Hunter.

 “With the JUST EAT app, people can take time to customize their order. As a result, the average spend increases and restaurants not only save order-taking time, they make more revenue on every order.”

Since launching the .CA website in Canada, JUST EAT has seen 50% growth year on year and the company’s strong online presence is complimented with offline marketing tactics.

“We invest in both brand awareness media such as TV and out-of-home, and a large part of our marketing is done online through search engine optimization and pay per click,” says Hunter.  “Word of mouth is also an important part of JUST EAT’s growth in Canada as often diners notice the JUST EAT signage in their favourite local bistros.”

On choosing .CA

Even though JUST EAT originated in Denmark, it’s been working hard to lay down roots in Canada and establish itself in the Canadian market. .CAs are reserved for individuals and businesses with a Canadian connection, while most other domains are open to absolutely anybody.

Having a .CA site helps JUST EAT’s customers feel more secure about online purchasing. It means a lot to our customers that we are a fully-fledged Canadian business; this is something we're very proud of.

Ross Hunter, JUST EAT executive

Nothing tells the world you’re Canadian like using a .CA. and there’s even more incentive if you’re a business owner. Canadians love the .CA—83% say they prefer supporting Canadian businesses over any others, and your .CA tells them you’re Canadian at first glance.

“Canadians are a proud nation and love doing business with Canadian companies,” says Hunter.

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