SPINCO is helping Canadians reach their fitness goals

An entrepreneur’s inspiration can come from anywhere. For Michelle August, founder of SPINCO, it was her college basketball team. When she graduated, August knew that she wanted to get involved in the fitness industry. After working for years with her dad at his startup car dealership, she wanted to break free from the family business and start a company of her own.

“At first I didn’t know if it was going to be yoga or bootcamps or something along those lines but spin kind of just hit the sweet spot and it all got started that way,” says August.

Offering full body workout classes, SPINCO strives to build stronger minds, bodies and souls. Set to pumping tunes and cheered on by the instructors, August promises that it’s 50 minutes you won’t regret.

“Our instructors train for three months before they get up and teach, to make sure that they’re inspiring our riders rather than just motivating them,” says August.

Getting online

Maximizing SPINCO’s online presence was a priority for August. She hired a company to design her site, making sure it appealed to her audience, with extra attention to making it a user-friendly experience.

“It’s really interactive,” she says. “I wanted to make it so that you can read bios about your instructors, view links of YouTube videos and even go in and pick the bike you want to use during your class in the studio.”

She also takes the concept of customer feedback to heart.

“You don’t see it too often that the founder of a company actually puts their own email on the site,” she says. “But I do. I love hearing from clients and hearing about their thoughts on the classes.”

On choosing a .CA

I just knew I wanted to use a .CA and represent Canada.

SPINCO’s name is based around inclusivity. Team atmosphere is very important to August and she wanted her fitness centre to be welcoming and inspiring to everyone who joins.

"'Co' means cohesive and that brings a little bit of team aspect into the name itself," says August. 

For August, going with a .CA domain for spinco.ca just made sense.

“I didn’t really think too much into it, I just knew that I wanted to use a .CA and represent Canada,” says August.

Being in the early stages of her startup, both resources and time were scarce, but she found the process of registering her domain name to be quick, painless, and extremely cost effective.

Moving forward

SPINCO currently has 60 instructors working in three locations: Kelowna, Toronto and Victoria. Each studio is attracting roughly 5,000 customers per year.

“We are currently working on opening up a second and third studio in Toronto and Victoria over the next year, so I would say that the number of instructors and clients will probably double or triple.”

SPINCO’s future looks bright, and August is excited to see where her spinning wheels take her.

“We believe SPINCO is a lifestyle,” she says. “It’s an experience. It’s a state of mind, and when woven with the fabric of true community, we all become agents of social change, and a force for good.”

This article was produced with the support of StartUp Canada to profile Canadian businesses.

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