Unique content makes WifiHifi.CA a success

Wifi Hihi - .CA Domain Success Story

Since the arrival of the Internet, we've read about the impending demise of newspapers and magazines, but the printed word seems to have more resiliency than we once gave it credit for. While perhaps no longer a thriving monopoly, the print industry has found a valuable partner in online content, allowing publications to reach an even broader audience than before.

One such example is Wifi Hifi, a business publication for the Canadian consumer electronics industry that has about 30,000 readers for its monthly print publication, and another 80,000 unique readers per month for its website wifihifi.CA.  Despite having a mutual interest in consumer technology, the print audience and online audience are surprisingly comprised of two entirely different groups of people who prefer two distinct types of content.

"We try not to duplicate our content between platforms," says Wifi Hifi publisher John Thomson. "Our website, magazine, newsletter and even our social media accounts all have unique content for the specific audiences we're serving."

John says the print publication takes an analytical position that puts recent happenings in the consumer technology industry into perspective for its readers, while the website provides a more immediate look at what's happening in consumer technology.

"Wifihifi.CA is a daily news site with the latest information on new product and industry news," explains John. "Our website audience is mainly comprised of younger readers who look to us to validate rumours and confirm breaking news in the world of consumer electronics, while many legacy readers still only consider reading us in print."  

In addition to catering to its different audiences, Wifi Hifi facilitates industry gatherings such as Canada Night, which drew 1,400 guests during last year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, as well as smaller gatherings like its lunch-and-learn series.

John says these events are important because he sees Wifi Hifi as the “hub of the wheel” that brings the consumer electronics industry together. 

"By producing authentic content for our newsletter, magazine and .CA website, we're able to reach a much larger audience of Canadians who love consumer technology," says John. "The publication industry is no longer about just producing great content. Today, you have to cater to your different audiences by delivering that same great content on the specific platforms they prefer."

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