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This page displays a list of recently deleted domain names that are going to be included in an upcoming To-Be-Released (TBR) session. TBR is the process by which CIRA reveals the names that are becoming available through general registration.

Learn more about TBR.

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About TBR

You can always search for an available .CA domain name, but you can keep an eye on the TBR list where you’ll often find short, memorable domain names with keywords. Many of these domains, having been previously registered, may continue to have residual traffic. 

Read more about the phases of a domain name on the domain name life cycle page.

When are TBR sessions held?

TBR sessions are held every Wednesday from 19:00-20:00 (UTC). This list often displays domains from two different upcoming sessions at a time– be sure to note the release date indicated in the table. The list is updated daily to include the most recent domain deletions.

View results (JSON) from the most recent TBR session.

How to register a TBR domain

If there is a domain name on the list that you are interested in, contact a registrar that offers TBR as a service. Participating registrars allow you to place a back-order to attempt to “catch” the name at the instant the TBR session starts.

If a domain is not registered during the TBR session, it will be available for general registration through all registrars within 24 hours.