.CA Domains

Millions of people and businesses trust .CA to brand themselves as Canadian online. Whether you're a small business, an aspiring entrepreneur, a local charity, or just a person with a great idea, here's why you should choose .CA for your domain name.

“A .CA domain identifies us with being proudly Canadian without us even having to say it. .CA has kind of an iconic quality to it. It’s kind of like throwing the maple leaf on your backpack.”
Jordan Bamforth, Creative Director, Beau's All Natural Brewing Co.

What can you do with a .CA?

A .CA domain name is a great place to bring your ideas to life online. The most obvious use for a .CA domain is to build and host a website, which can be done quickly and easily by registering it with a CIRA certified Registrar. If you're not quite ready to build a website, there are several other things you can do with your domain, such as creating your own customized .CA email address (i.e. yournamehere@ yourdomainhere.ca).

.CA success stories

Learn more about how these .CAs have been put to use!

  • Dustin Cook


    Learn how Dustin Cook, Canadian alpine skier, uses his .CA domain name to show off his Canadian pride and build his personal brand online.

  • Bluch and Bloom


    Small businesses like Blush and Bloom, a flower studio in Toronto, use .CA to connect with local customers.

  • Just Eat


    International organizations and companies with a presence in Canada, like JUST EAT connect with the Canadian market with their .CAs.

Why choose a .CA domain name?

We've outlined a few reasons why .CA is the ideal choice for Canadian websites.

  • Canadian Icon

    The Canadian connection

    There is a Canadian presence requirement for individuals, organizations and businesses to register a .CA domain. It’s the only domain name extension that identifies a website as 100% Canadian.

  • Security icon


    .CA is an established top-level domain and recognized as a safe, secure and trusted resource for Canadians. CIRA has been managing the Registry since 2000.

  • Check icon


    .CA domain names are more likely to be available than a .com, giving you a better chance of getting the domain name you really want.

  • Heart icon

    .CA gives back

    Proceeds from every .CA sold are reinvested directly into the Canadian Internet community through the Community Investment Program.

  • Community icon

    User preference

    Research shows that Canadian Internet users prefer to visit and shop on .CA websites. 

  • Membership icon


    CIRA Members help advance the Internet in Canada and shape the direction of CIRA. Membership is open to all .CA Registrants, is free and comes with a host of benefits.

Take your business to the next level or bring your great idea to life with a .CA domain name. Get started today by searching for a domain name at the top of this page.

Tips for registering your .CA

New to registering domain names? Don't sweat it, registering a domain name is a lot easier than you think! Jump in and learn more about registering through a .CA certified Registrar, best practices for protecting your .CA and start your search for the perfect domain name.