CDRP process and decisions

CIRA's dispute resolution process is a mechanism through which individuals and businesses that meet CIRA's Canadian Presence Requirements can obtain quick, out-of-court arbitrations at relatively low cost for clear-cut cases of bad faith registration of .CA domain names.

CIRA established this process to provide an alternative mechanism to the court system for those seeking to obtain the transfer or cancellation of .CA domain names they believe were registered in bad faith by other parties.

The CIRA Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy describes the nature of the dispute resolution process, the requirements for those who wish to initiate a proceeding, and the types of bad faith registrations covered. It also sets out the procedures to initiate and respond to a proceeding.

To initiate a proceeding through CIRA's dispute resolution process, you must submit your complaint to one of CIRA's independent service providers. CIRA appoints these service providers to administer the dispute resolution proceedings.

CIRA has appointed the following two firms as dispute resolution service providers:

British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre (BCICAC)
500 - 666 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC, V6C 3P9
Phone: (604) 684-2821
Fax: (604) 736-9233
Web site:

Resolution Canada Inc.
85 Curlew Drive
Suite #107
Don Mills, Ontario, M3A 2P8
Phone: (416) 447-0035
Fax: (416) 447-6447
Web site:

The service provider will appoint a panel to review material submitted both by the complainant and the Registrant and will rule on the transfer or cancellation of a domain name registration.

CIRA abides by panel decisions and transfers or deletes domain name registrations, as required. The Registrant may not delete a domain name registration while a proceeding is underway.