Certificate of Authorization to Apply for Registration of a Municipal Name


This document covers the process for applying for the registration of a municipal name.

1 Start 2 Complete
Must be the Mayor, a department head, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Administrative Officer or equivalent for the municipality (must not be the same as the Administrative Contact).
Must be an employee of the municipality.
  1. I am the authorized representative for the municipality identified above;
  2. I have knowledge of the facts set out in this certificate;
  3. The municipality identified above wishes to apply for the registration of the domain name identified above;
  4. The Administrative Contact identified above is authorized to serve as the Administrative Contact for the registration of the domain name specified above on behalf of the municipality until changed in accordance with CIRA’s rules and procedures; and
  5. All the consents required by CIRA’s rules and procedures have been obtained from other dot-ca domain name registrants and other municipalities.