Certified Registrar Benefits

Marketing Programs

One of the many ways CIRA supports its Registrars is by developing and launching marketing programs. The objective of the program is to assist Registrars in growing their business while actively promoting .CA products. Programs include pricing promotions and cooperative marketing funding. Here are some highlights from past and ongoing programs:

Coop Programs

When Registrars want to promote .CA with paid advertising, CIRA will match the amount you spend dollar for dollar.

Custom Programs

Custom programs are usually developed by the Registrar and may include a blend of both Co-op and Price Incentive programs.


CIRA helps Registrars promote .CA by creating white label marketing collateral (banner ads, gifs etc.) which is can be used or customized by the Registrar community.


Registrars have several profitable products that can be easily integrated into their service offerings. They include:

  • Registry Lock
  • NameSpinning
  • Internationalized Domain Names (IDN)
  • D-Zone Anycast DNS

The list of products that .CA offers is always expanding to include cutting edge products that can transform the way your customers manage their .CA domain names. The products offered are based in part on the feedback collected from our Registrar community which in turn help us determine which products and services are most valuable to our end-user community.

.CA Registrar Marketplace

CIRA launched the Registrar Marketplace with three objectives in mind:

  1. Assist the Registrant community in finding a Registrar to suit their needs. Using the Marketplace search tools, end-users can find a Registrar that offers products and services that fit their needs.
  2. CIRA has a comprehensive brand strategy that includes promoting .CA through paid advertising. Our ad program directs potential customers to our Registrar Marketplace where thousands of end-users can access your company’s website directly. You can even design your Marketplace space to tell us where in your sales funnel you want these leads to land.
  3. The .CA Marketplace is the one place for Registrars to highlight their organization and what differentiates them from the competition. This is your space to summarize your organization including your brand statement, products and services offered, and your support matrix. This gives you the opportunity to illustrate to your customers what sets you apart from everyone else!

Direct Support

Registrars have direct access to .CA’s Product Support Team. Our agents are available to respond to questions, provide assistance with technical issues, and to educate Registrars staff on .CA product and services. Support is provided through the following channels:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Live chat

Our friendly bilingual staff is available from 8am- 8pm ET. Additionally, .CA has an emergency after hour’s service available to our Registrars, so that you may reach us anytime, day or night.

Wholesale Pricing

All Certified Registrars are billed at the same wholesale cost and without complex administration fees that others may charge. This pricing model helps you to offer competitive market prices.


Applying is straight forward and requires you meet Canadian presence requirements, are technically capable of managing day to day transactions of .CA domains, and pay the initial fees as follows:

  • $1,000 application fee plus applicable taxes
  • $1,000 annual certification fee plus applicable taxes (refundable if you are not certified)
  • $1,000 account deposit (refundable if you are not certified)

Obtain the complete fee list.

Apply to become a .CA Certified Registrar