CIRA Certified Registrar Recertification Process

Registrars will automatically be recertified for a period of one year on the anniversary of the Registrar’s certification date.

To be recertified as a .CA Certified Registrar, a Registrar must not be in default of its obligations under the Registrar Agreement with CIRA; and be accepted by CIRA for recertification as a .CA Certified Registrar, which acceptance is at CIRA’s sole discretion.

CIRA considers many factors when approving a Registrar for recertification. Examples of this may include:

  1. The Registrar’s adherence to the Registry PRP;
  2. The Registrar’s customer service plan and customer complaints against the Registrar;
  3. The Registrar’s ability to comply with CIRA’s payment terms;
  4. The volume of Registrants served by the Registrar.
  5. The Registrar compliance with the Canadian Presence Requirements for Registrars.
  6. The Registrar’s ability to demonstrate a proficient knowledge of the Domain Name System and CIRA’s Registrar and Registrant policies, procedures, guidelines, and operations.
  7. The Registrar has the capability to electronically interact with Registrants, CIRA and CIRA systems within the applicable CIRA Registrar policies, procedures, and guidelines.  In particular, the Registrar has the capabilities and systems to:
    1. promptly and effectively address inquiries and respond to requests from its Registrants and potential Registrants; 
    2. promptly and effectively handle projected volumes of Domain Name registrations;
    3. receive information from its Registrants in a secure manner;
    4. authenticate information provided by its Registrants;
    5. authenticate and process requests for modifications to Domain Name Registrations, including renewals and transfers of Domain Name Registrations, changes of Registrar, changes of Registrant, updates to Registrant information and other requests; and
    6. maintain backups of registration information.
  8. Neither the Registrar nor any partner, director, officer or controlling shareholder of the applicant, has been convicted of an offence under the Criminal Code (Canada).