CIRA Meet-Up: Toronto



Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel

525 Bay St,
Toronto, Ontario
M2G 2L2


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Building a better and safer online Canada is an important issue for all Canadians. Whether it’s funding a project through the Community Investment Program, helping build an IXP or testing Canada’s internet performance, CIRA is doing its part. Join us to learn more about how CIRA is helping your community.

In addition to an overview of CIRA, we will discuss CIRA’s Internet Performance Test (IPT) and feature guest speaker Andrew Clement, of the University of Toronto, who was a recipient of CIRA's Community Investment Program.

Richard Schreier

Product Manager, CIRA

Developed by the engineers at CIRA using the MLab NDT open source test platform, the Internet Performance Test (IPT) is a key technology to understanding Canada’s Internet performance. Richard will explain what IPT is (and what it isn’t), who can use it and for what purpose. He will also share examples of how businesses, cities and Internet users can benefit from and leverage the resulting test data. And, he will examine IPTs future potential and what it could do for Canada’s digital future.

Andrew Clement

Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto

Where does your personal data travel? Is the NSA intercepting it? Andrew will introduce us to IXmaps internet mapping platform developed by the University of Toronto and supported by Community Investment Program funding. IXmaps shows that every regular Canadian internet user, even when communicating with their government, bank, lawyer, or other party dealing with sensitive matters, will have some of their personal information pass through the U.S., becoming subject to mass NSA surveillance.

Presentations will begin at 5:30 PM.

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CIRA’s products are helping organizations be more secure online. There is a cybersecurity workshop taking place before the meet-up! Registration for this event is also free.

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