D-Zone Domain Lock

Helping you protect your most precious domains

D-Zone Domain Lock is a valuable feature available to those using D-Zone for their authoritative DNS. It prevents unauthorized changes to the name server records for your domains and is a cost-effective way to add a critical layer of security to your websites and applications. It prevents malicious activities by internal users or by those who use social engineering to get access to your DNS.

What’s more, Domain Lock makes it easy to manage by adding this important security layer to your DNS service rather than with a 3rd party service. It keeps the management of key the DNS in your control in the application you use to control it. 

Why is domain lock important?

If someone gets control of your domain then they can make critical changes to the records. This can include transferring the visitor to another competing website, disrupting (or access) communication between customers and your employees, pharming with offensive content, or phishing by redirecting visitors to a fake website that collects their information. 

Once a domain is locked it is impossible to make unauthorized changes to the zone file

Within your D-Zone Anycast DNS portal, a special role is identified with permission to lock and unlock domains at CIRA. You assign this role to a trusted manager or team in your organization. This role is required to use the highest security protocols available for accessing the portal, including strong password protocols and two-factor authentication. 


Image of the D-Zone Domain Lock Datasheet

Download the datasheet

For more information about D-Zone Domain Lock, how it works and what some of the other benefits are, please download the D-Zone Domain Lock datasheet.