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IT security threat review fall 2017 (with a Canadian perspective)

It is difficult to write a good news story for 2017 because the reality is that all threats are on the rise. Global spending on security is estimated at over $150 billion (Canadian dollars) and in the face of this successful hacks are reported almost daily with ransomware and data breaches leading the headlines.  We look at some recent reports and overlay it with some data of our own. 

What is "defence in depth" and how organizations can use it

The combination of easy-to-use tools and proven profit models has led to a global growth in hacking with many deploying multiple techniques to target organizations. Organizations benefit when they respond with multiple layers of defence that work together to protect the core. 


Review of how D-Zone works and what we are blocking (pdf)

This presentation was delivered in November 2017 at one of our member networking events held in Toronto. It covers how DNS-level security works with other layers in the security solution stack. For a personalized presentation for your organization please contact us at


How the D-Zone DNS Firewall helps protect you

Short overview video giving you the key information needed to understand how we can help.