D-Zone Anycast DNS

What customers are saying

"There was no capital investment required and a lot of support up front...D-Zone Anycast is an excellent choice."

Peter MacNeil, chief security & technology architect for the City of Hamilton

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A global secondary DNS network for organizations doing business in Canada and globally

Your external DNS is mission-critical so choose a service that is designed for 100% up-time and maximum speed. With a coast-to-coast footprint and nodes in global Internet hubs there is no better option for organizations with Canadian traffic.

Eliminate a single point of failure with a global network of anycast nodes and both network and equipment redundancy at each node. Pass operation of this critical resource to those who manage it full time because without the DNS, nothing else works.

  • Maximum Performace

    Maximum Performance

    Automatically route queries to the closest name server. If you do business in Canada nobody can deliver the same speed as D-Zone. The massively over-provisioned capacity is less than 1% taxed for legitimate queries to ensure maximum performance.

  • Secondary Architecture

    Secondary Architecture

    Maintain your primary safely behind the firewall and securely transfer zones to D-Zone for answering queries. If you are a global organization, adding more than one secondary service is a best practice that protects you from outages or performance drops at a given vendor or a given node.

  • DDos Mitigation

    DDoS Mitigation

    High-capacity international nodes and two clouds protect the DNS from outages due to malicious activity. Local clouds keep traffic flowing even in the event of an attack generated internationally.

  • Engineered for the Internet

    Engineered for the Internet

    Global nodes use two 10 Gbps pipes connected to transit and to the local IXP. This approach provides added redundancy for queries by keeping peered ISPs and networks connected in the event of a disruption with transit. Peering also allows D-Zone to instantly add capacity when needed.

  • Advanced Alerts

    Advanced Alerts and Reporting

    Be the first to know about changes to DNS traffic that may indicate the start of a problem. Use our advanced reporting features to understand where your queries are coming from.

  • High ROI

    High ROI

    D-Zone offers very competitive pricing and is priced in Canadian dollars to help your IT funds stretch further. Additionally, our partnerships with top research networks delivers even better opportunities for many Canadian organizations.

Visit the detailed product page for more information about D-Zone.

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