D-Zone DNS Firewall

DNS threats are up

Online criminals are making $1.6 million a day using the Locky ransomware application.

Nominum data science

Your organization is at risk.

D-Zone DNS Firewall can help protect your network from online threats Book an appointment with CIRA’s security experts now.


Malware uses the DNS for command and control

91% of malware uses the DNS for command and control.

The DNS is a critical layer in a defence in depth strategy that requires no organizational investment in hardware or software.

Jacques Latour CTO of CIRA

Less than half of zero-day malware is detected by anti-virus solutions.

D-Zone DNS Firewall blocks access to malicious content before it ever makes it to your network.

CIRA is committed to building tools to protect Internet users and ensuring that Canadian businesses can operate safely and securely online.

Protect your organization from malware, ransomware and other emerging digital threats with D-Zone DNS Firewall.

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CIRA has partnered with Nominum, a world leader in recursive DNS technology to build the first made-in-Canada DNS Firewall solution.

As criminals become more sophisticated and malware becomes more profitable, Nominum is highly focused on helping communications service providers put critical safeguards in place for their business clients.

Nominum data science

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