D-Zone Features Walkthrough

Setting up and managing your secondary DNS service with D-Zone is simple with a fully responsive and modern interface. The zone page is the hub of the D-Zone portal. From the zone page you can see all of your zones, the status of zone transfers and access detailed information about your zones such a query traffic and zone transfer log messages.   

D-Zone Portal Home Screen

From within home screen you can also:

  • Add, delete and modify zones
  • View the status of zone transfers and display the serial numbers for zones 
  • Run diagnostics on a zone to verify connectivity and zone transfers
  • View transfer history log messages 
  • Display DNS traffic reports
  • Refresh the status of zone transfers
  • Sort zones by owner, status, name servers, etc. 
  • Lock a zone with Domain Lock. Domain lock is an optional service that is not part of the base package.