DNS Firewall - Cyber safe schools program

Protected school networks reduce malware risk, improve performance and create safe environments for online learning.

Well-connected students, faculty, and administration are important to one of our core mandates to help build a better online Canada.

As open environments with unique risk profiles, schools are high risk targets for ransomware and other types of malware. School boards also require content filtering that recognizes the different needs of the schools they support. CIRA is pleased to offer a D-Zone DNS Firewall program designed specifically for Canadian school boards and higher education:

"CIRA’s D-Zone DNS Firewall and their unique commitment to Canada’s educational backbone networks makes it a great choice our schools."

Jaymon Lefebvre, Director, IT Services
Wild Rose School District

  • Pricing that recognizes the different bandwidth and traffic patterns in education versus a corporate environment
  • Cloud service requiring no local investment in or management of hardware
  • Scalable system that doesn't bog down as policies are put in place
  • Protection designed for a schools inherently open environment
  • Location in Internet Exchange Points that are well peered to research and school board networks in order to deliver a faster recursive service for your users
  • High cache hit rate on queries further improves recursive performance 
  • Integration with Google safe search
  • Content filtering that can be managed by content type and time of day with administrator-level management for specific locations
  • Licensing that incorporates admin, faculty, student and guest-type networks under one umbrella

We know that not all users are online all the time and that not all schools need content filtering for all of their users and networks. This program recognizes your special place in Canada and the special needs of your students, faculty, and administration.

Learn about how we are different and start testing D-Zone DNS Firewall today – book a 30 minute meeting with us at a time that suits your schedule! If you prefer, contact us by email at info@d-zone.ca.