D-Zone Anycast DNS

  • Faster

    Global node distribution reduces query time with unmatched speed for your Canadian visitors. 

  • DDoS mitigation

    Massive global transit capacity with peering to thousands of networks protects your traffic.

  • Reliable

    Combining the features of anycast with our unique enterprise-class node architecture to give you a 100% up-time SLA.

Getting D-Zone working for your organization is easy and risk free.

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A Canadian secondary DNS solution built for a global market

Engineered for a global market and tuned for your organization

Eliminate a single point of failure with a global network of anycast nodes and network and equipment redundancy at each node. An advanced statistics database is kept off operations servers to give you rich DNS data without impacting performance.

Whether you run your own servers or are backing-up your DNS with more than one supplier D-Zone helps protect organizations that rely on their web properties.

Why D-Zone Anycast DNS

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  • What is a Secondary Anycast network?

    In a secondary anycast DNS network a cloud of servers replaces a name server with a single IP address and it runs alongside your primary DNS or other secondary solutions. On the Internet, layer 3 routing sends DNS queries to the closest available name server. In the case of D-Zone even the name server is replaced with a node that includes multiple servers and multiple points of access to the Internet.  

    Anycast explained video
  • Easy to configure

    Configuring D-Zone for the very first time takes minutes and is risk free. As a secondary service you can leave your existing authoritative DNS in place while configuring D-Zone and for a testing period after set-up. Configuration involves transferring your zone file from your primary name server to the D-Zone master servers which then transfer authority for DNS queries to our global secondary network. 

    Read the step-by-step walkthrough
    Watch the configuration video

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    Comprehensive technical analysis of your authoritative DNS to help you find errors and optimization opportunities.

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