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The Internet is one of the greatest drivers of positive economic and social change the world has seen in centuries. Domain names are at the core of the Internet’s operation. Explore the history of the domain name industry with this interactive timeline.

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is the organization that manages the .CA top-level domain, develops and implements the policies that support Canada's Internet community, and represents the .CA registry internationally.

With more than two million .CA domain names registered, .CA is one of the fastest growing top-level domains in the world.

2 million domain names registered


This Factbook is a collection of data and information from a variety of sources. It is intended to provide an overview of the health of the global domain name industry, the Canadian Internet and .CA’s place in it.

We would like to acknowledge Statistics Canada, Ipsos Reid, ComScore, Websense, TNS Digital Life, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development for the use of data they have made publically available. We would also like to thank the Strategic Counsel who undertook an online study among Canadians on their perceptions toward .CA, and ZookNIC Internet Intelligence, for developing custom data sets for this report.

Message from the CEO

Message from Byron Holland,
President and CEO of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority

Byron Holland, President and CEO of the Canadian Internet Registration AuthorityWelcome to CIRA’s third annual .CA Factbook, a compendium of information about the global Internet and .CA’s place within it.

As the registry for .CA, Canada’s top-level domain, CIRA publishes this report as a resource for Canadians. This year we have included more of our own primary research than ever before. In 2013, we surveyed Canadians on a number of Internet-related issues, and we have included our findings in this Factbook.

As a result, I believe it provides a unique and important portrait of how the Internet is changing the ways Canadians work and communicate with each other and the world.

The Internet is a global entity. It does not necessarily recognize political borders. However, as we demonstrate in this report, Canadians are unique in the world in terms of how we use the Internet and what we use it for. We are also unique in the world for the values we uphold online.

I believe that’s why more Canadians than ever are using .CA as their online identifier. It has become the symbol of our national pride in the ecosystem where we are spending an increasing amount of our time – the Internet.

I hope you find the 2014 .CA Factbook both informative and interesting.

Byron Holland, the president and CEO of CIRA, discusses the 2014 .CA Factbook in this episode of Canadians Connected, CIRA’s podcast.