Canadians’ online behaviour

 71% of Canadians spend at least 3-4 hours on the internet each day.12

Nearly three-quarters of Canadians spend at least three hours a day online. How are they spending this time? What are they doing and how are they accessing the internet? Learning more about Canadians’ behaviour online can help organizations find ways to make the experience more useful and enjoyable for Canadians.

Device used to access the internet13

The use of a mobile device to access the internet has more than doubled since 2013.
2013: 32% | 2017: 67%

Number of internet-connected devices

46% of Canadian households have five or more internet-connected devices.

Source: CIRA research March 201714

  • 55% of Canadians with one or more internet-connected devices in their home are aware of voice-controlled, connected-home devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home and 29% are interested in acquiring one.15

Ways Canadians spend time online

 91% check/respond to email

 68% online banking

 61% news/current events

 57% engage on social media

 49% shop online

 38% watch movies, TV, videos online

 33% listen to music, radio and podcasts